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Like everyone else said, Elmer and his crew are awesome!!!! We had an Elm tree that needed trimming. It's huge and required trimming all around as it reached into 2 other neighbors' yards. That plus additional tree debris removal and gutter cleaning was $900. It wasn't the least expensive quote, but Elmer spent the most time with me explaining everything so I felt the most comfortable with him. A few weeks later, Elmer was back to trim back the Eucalyptus tree that belongs to our neighbor. The neighbor refused to pay for the trimming (can someone explain to me how people can be so stupid) and we were afraid of it damaging our property as the branches were hitting our roof line. Elmer's crew came out and trimmed it all the way back to the fenceline for the originally quoted price, even though he had to come back a second time to take care of this tree.

He's an honest guy who does impeccable work. I'm positive we'll use him again for any tree trimming needs we have.

Joyce L.
Fullerton, CA

My neighbor was complaining that the tree on the edge of my property was ruining his yard, so I called a few companies for quotes on cutting it down. (That way, he can't sue me for property damage). Since I was going to have to hire someone to do the work, I figured might as well remove another bothersome tree and trim back a third.

Anyway, Elmer Cano of EC Tree Service was not the cheapest, but not the most expensive, either. But I felt that he best understood what I wanted to have done, and seemed very competent and would do the work more to my liking than his competition. He was very knowledgeable and easy to get along with.

It took his crew almost two days to do all the work, but besides trimming and removing the trees, they ground down the stumps below ground, and planted two new trees for me (which I had bought already - the city required me to replant a new tree each one being removed). Despite setting me back a few grand, they did a good job, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future!

Chris Y.
Belmont, CA

Elmer and his crew did an amazing job - It started when Elmer showed up on time to look at the work and give me an estimate. Then he followed up. I got estimates from 3 other Pacifica tree service companies and none of them did either of those two things. AND his price was very competitive. What? Customer service and a fair price? There must be a catch - so I checked everything out and he is licensed and insured and has great references. OK, found my tree guy.

They removed a large Monterey Pine located near the house and next to our fence, they had no problem taking it down without damage to either. They were to grind the stump, which they did, and then took the time to grind down the roots protruding in other areas of the yard, which was above and beyond what I expected. The crew was clean and professional. Everything was done as discussed and cleaned up afterwards - they even blew the saw dust off of my neighbor's plants. Nice touch. I would definitely hire EC Builders / Tree Service again.

O. I.
Pacifica, CA


Elmer gave me a reasonable quote and followed through on it with good service and great work. He was even honest enough to tell me my trees shouldn't be cut in the summer and we should wait until fall when its colder (certain type of pines). So that made him wait 3 months and he could have lost the business during that time. But he was honest enough to be willing to wait and hope that I came back to him.

Michael S.
San Carlos, CA

I agree with all the wonderful reviews Elmer and his crew have on Yelp and I would like to add my own to the list. I have been looking for a company to clear out a much overgrown hillside behind my parents' home in San Bruno. My parents are elderly and my dad has been sick for several years, so things had gotten out of control. My mom had been trying to hire gardeners to do the work, but they would flake out on her (not show up or do very poor work), and she was getting very stressed out.

I contacted three tree companies and several gardeners for an estimate. Elmer's bid was in the middle of the pack - more expensive than gardeners but much more reasonable than the other two tree companies. I really liked Elmer when he came out to give us a bid. He was very kind, polite and professional, was very clear on what he would do, and could schedule the work to be completed in a day (and within a week's time).

Elmer and his crew of seven came out today and they did a wonderful job. I couldn't believe how much brush they cleared, and the number of trees and bushes they trimmed. They had a chipper to mulch up the debris, and cleaned everything up at the end of the day. The crew was very polite and responsive to any requests we had, as was Elmer. Our neighbors were also very impressed with the work and with the crew, and asked for Elmer's contact information, so hopefully they will be calling him when they need work done.

We will be calling on Elmer at least once a year to do the maintenance now that the jungle has been tamed! What a pleasure to find a company that does what it says, works hard, and charges a fair price. I will be recommending Elmer to family and friends and we will be calling upon him when my husband and I need work done at our home. Thank you Elmer!!

Katya P.
Fremont, CA

Elmer and his crew were excellent. They arrived on time, were really professional, did a great job, and cleaned up the property thoroughly after the job was done. Furthermore, Elmer was present during the day to make sure everything went smoothly.

We even had a tragedy of a small squirrels nest accidentally being disturbed and three baby squirrels falling from the tree. Elmer and his team immediately took a cloth, wrapped up the baby squirrels, hoisted them back up to the nest where they were carefully put back. This was done without discussion or delay which impressed us. It was the right thing to do and we hope those little squirrels will be leaping through our freshly trimmed trees in a few weeks time.

Five-star service from a five-star crew.

Jonathan L.
Redwood City, CA

Listen, folks, I've worked with a lot of contractors, too many of whom want a quick job and a fast pay before the problems surface. I hate negotiating with contractors and workers to come back and do it right. Bear I mind that EC Tree Service is a California-licensed and -bonded (I checked it out at cslb.ca.gov, license 903257) and presumably insured general contractor with a tree specialty license as well, so you have major protections if something goes wrong.

Wow, Elmer, you impressed me with your professionalism and rapid-fire high-quality service.

I needed two trees removed and stumps dug up and a bunch of my neighbor's oak tree's branches cut way back, with a gutter clean as well. Elmer and company were there on time in short order and did a great job, even being resourceful and industrious enough to figure out how to safely move my car out of their way to avoid its potential damage, as I couldn't be there. They had before-and-after photos of the gutters to show that the gutter work had been done.

Due to a misunderstanding, they had to come back early the next Saturday to cut the oak back more. Elmer patiently explained the limits before we'd need a city permit, and we agreed he'd do what he could. And that work was hard to beat.

I'd had a nasty bear of a time once with a tree company absorbed into Bartlett Tree "Experts," so bad that I had to involve an attorney, so I was skittish about tree firms. But EC and his company shine as a well-qualified customer-focused business.

EC Tree Service has the serious equipment, the willing and able manpower, and the rare smarts to do a professional job right away. Six stars. Just don't tell them they charge too little (the other bid I got from a certified arborist was significantly higher, with the stump removal a big $$ question mark).

I have a feeling they'll go far, and I wish that to be so. And soon. What more can I say? Check the other guys first, then come here for a breath of fresh air.

Sam S.
San Francisco, CA
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