Poison Ivy Removal

Protecting And Removing

EC Tree Service, Inc. is a professional poison ivy removal service in the San Francisco Peninsula.

We will come to your property, identify all the poison ivy, show you where it’s coming from, and explain the best way to remove it and keep it from coming back!

Green Alternative

We specialize in the hand removal (a green alternative to chemical spraying) of plants like poison ivy in order to assure that the problem does not continue in the future. We also recommend a maintenance program to help prevent regrowth.

The best way to protect yourself from poison ivy is to know how to identify it and if it is growing on your property, have it removed. Spraying a herbicide will stop it from growing but the Urushiol will remain active in the “dead” stems and leaves for years, leaving you prone to infection. “weed whacking” will only chop it up and shoot the oil all over your lawn, shoes, and legs. The safest way to solve the problem is to have a professional come in and remove it.

What about that other Ivy? We can do that too!

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